Foreign Business Desks

Coinmen is one of the top emerging firms to have developed a credible reputation of supporting a varied range of foreign clientele, especially from Asia and Europe through its internal foreign business groups. More importantly, these groups also ensure that Coinmen understands the culture of the respective countries, respects the same and holistically aligns the Indian business environment with the foreign country’s business requirements.

Foreign Business Desk


Our Korea Business Desk helps Korean companies in setting up operations and doing business in India, while maintaining a special focus on SMEs.

Led by team of Korean professionals based in India as well as in Seoul (Korea), the desk facilitates Indo-Korean cross-border business relationships, foreign investments, project management, tax management, and more.

With an expansive portfolio in different sectors and a diverse clientele built over the years, we at Coinmen play our part in every way possible to promote business associations between the India and Korea through this dedicated desk.

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Spain Business Desk


To facilitate cross-border relationships between India and Spain and to inculcate a business-conducive ecosystem for companies on both sides, Coinmen’s Spain Business Desk works proactively to help businesses from both the countries and expand their market footprint.

The group works with various allied councils and organizations to maintain a consistent flow of business knowledge across the spectrum, as well as to foster new relationships and ties.

With a specialization in the infrastructure sector and increasing expertise in renewable energy, automotive, and electric vehicles, the group undertakes business consultancy and financial consultancy support for companies via a holistic approach.

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France Business Desk


Our France Business Desk helps in setting up of French companies in India and vice versa, with a special focus on the SME sector.

With the growing business interest between the two countries supported by various public policies and bilateral agreements, we believe that having a specialized desk to bridge the cultural and organizational gaps which exist between the demographics of the two countries is an imperative need.

Echoing our philosophy via actions, the France Business Desk at Coinmen helps in developing cross-border relations, developing go-to market strategy, market expansion, setting up new businesses, managing tax implications, etc.

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Japan Business Desk


Coinmen’s Japan Business Desk tactfully helps Japanese businesses set up and operate in the Indian market, whilst further identifying new market opportunities for existing Japanese business establishments in India.

Led by a consistent approach to promote knowledge sharing and enhance the cultural integration of Japanese expats in India, the group has become a pivotal point of communication for Japanese companies looking to expand their business footprint in the Indian subcontinent.

Working with clientele from across several sectors, the team has particularly developed strong capabilities in the sectors of infrastructure, electronic components, telecommunications, manufacturing, and auto-components.

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China Business Desk Coinmen


Our China Business Desk goes by the name of Draphant Consultants (where the name Draphant is a combination of “DRAgon” from China and “elePHANT” from India), which is a team that assists Chinese companies coming to invest in different ventures or to setup business in India. Coinmen and Draphant engage with each other for the Chinese business community. Draphant was set up by Mr. (Amit) Li Jian, a Hindi-speaking Chinese national who has been settled in India for over a decade, and has worked with some of the largest Chinese companies in India in the field of public relations.