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India and France have maintained a special business relationship, where both the countries have promised to further strengthen their ties in the future. Echoing the same sentiment, Coinmen’s French Business Desk is responsible to bridge the cultural and organizational gap between the two countries and help French companies in doing business in India.

Why India?

Owed to strong economic ties, bilateral trade, and foreign investment, India and France have been complementary to each other on the world stage and French establishments in India have seen a meteoric rise over the years.The Indian states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and the Delhi NCR region have a dominant share of French businesses in India

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1000+ French businesses currently operating in India
Sectors of interest: Services, aerospace, pharma, construction, agro/food, electronic components, and automobiles

$6.64 Billion FDI from France to India between April 2000 – March 2019
Sectors of interest: Services (19.3%), cement and gypsum (15.59%), pharmaceuticals (5.23%), industrial machinery (5.04%), and food processing (5.03%)

15 MoUs/Agreements signed between India and France
To avoid double taxation, promote sustainable development, protect intellectual property and foreign investments, promote renewable energy, and more

$3.95 Billion bilateral trade between the two countries between Jan 2019 – April 2019
Over 500 members facilitated in IFCCI, the official chambers between India and France

India Entry Strategy

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French companies can enter into Joint Ventures (JVs) with Indian counterparts while collaborating on a project or to explore complimentary capabilities, technologies, and market access

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The incorporation of Wholly Owned Subsidiaries (WOSs) is suitable for long-term business presence in India, especially when there is production or manufacturing involved

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For short-term projects or market operations and research, French companies can also set up project offices, branch offices and liaison offices on their entry in India

Factors Affecting India Entry

While evaluating the Indian market for business expansion and to better prepare for undertaking operations in the Indian market, below are a few important aspects that should be considered

Indian tax scenario

With an evolving direct as well as indirect tax scenario in India, it comes with new and diverse compliance mechanisms and changing tax rates

Ease of doing business

The country has improved in its overall ease of doing business rankings to 63, but there are still various parameters where the country is catching up

Evolving market and consumer dynamics

India is witnessing a growing retail market of urban consumers and a large increase in the country’s working population with access to modern facilities

A suitable base of operations

Through the various states’ industrial policies, incentives and benefits are being drawn up for foreign investors and foreign businesses looking to set up shop in India

What Can Coinmen Do To Help

As a multi-disciplinary firm, Coinmen helps companies by helping them incorporate, operate and expand in the Indian landscape. Via our specialties in financial and business advisory, we undertake a holistic approach to bridge cultural and business gaps for continual growth. Our range of services is highlighted below.

Setting Up a Business

Setting up a Business

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Korea business Group : Tax Management

Tax Management

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

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Transfer Pricing

audit & assurance services

Audit and Assurance

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Gunjan Uppal

Director – France Business Desk

Gunjan has over 18 years of experience working with multinational advisory firms in facilitating the expansion of various French businesses into India. She has helped companies by way of developing go-to market strategies, building strategic alliances, facilitating external and internal communication with the French demographic (owed to her lingual prowess in French), and in developing business relations between India and France. Her leadership as the Director of the French Business Desk has helped Coinmen expand to newer regions in furthering its mission of helping foreign investors in doing business in India.

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