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India and Korea are no strangers to doing business together. To help facilitate the same and to ensure that our Korean counterparts have a smooth business journey in India, our specialized Korean Desk comes into play to bridge the cultural gap between the two nations.

Why India?

India has witnessed a meteoric rise in terms of foreign investment, with special interest from Korea in sectors such as automobiles, metallurgy, electronics, healthcare and telecom. With a strong bilateral background between the two countries, added to India’s growing economy and its modern, business-friendly approach makes it a viable destination for Korean companies to set up here.

India Map - Korea Business Group

164 companies in the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
Major industries: Electronics, Construction, Automobiles, and White-goods Trade

172 companies in Tamil Nadu
Major industries: Electronics, Construction, Automobiles, and White-goods Trade

79 companies in Maharashtra
Major industries: Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail, Transportation, and Construction

Ghilot in Rajasthan
Upcoming dedicated industrial zone for Korean companies

India Entry Strategy

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Korean companies can enter via Joint Ventures (JVs) with Indian companies, in order to understand and penetrate the local market better

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Wholly Owned Subsidiaries (WOS) are more suitable for long term operations, wherein companies establish setups for production and sale

Korea Business Group

For short-term projects, such as infrastructure construction projects, companies enter India by setting up Project, Branch, or Liaison Offices

Factors Affecting India Entry

While evaluating the Indian market for business expansion and to better prepare for undertaking operations in the Indian market, below are a few important aspects that should be considered

Indian tax scenario and compliance

Although evolving to become a more systematic process, the Indian tax system does pose significant considerations for companies doing business in India

Ease of doing business parameters

In an effort to facilitate ease of doing business in India, the Government is periodically introduces reforms to reduce the challenges faced by companies

Evolving market and consumer dynamics

With the world’s largest working population, India’s has an evolved consumer-base that has access to more options and expects high quality products and services

A suitable base of operations

Through the various states’industrial policies, incentives and benefits are offered to foreign companies which are investing or setting up operational units in India

What Can Coinmen Do To Help

As a multi-disciplinary firm, Coinmen helps companies by helping them incorporate, operate and expand in the Indian landscape. Via our specialties in financial and business advisory, we undertake a holistic approach to bridge cultural and business gaps for continual growth. Our range of services is highlighted below.

Setting Up a Business

Setting up a Business

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Korea business Group : Tax Management

Tax Management

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

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Transfer Pricing

audit & assurance services

Audit and Assurance

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Director – Korea Business Desk

Leveraging an industry experience of over 20 years in sectors ranging from electronic components, semiconductors, infrastructure, etc., Daniel Lee brings in his vast understanding of the Korean culture along with a strong business acumen to help Korean companies establish their presence in India.

Serving as the Director of the Korean Business Group at Coinmen, Daniel’s expertise in a variety of industries, especially in understanding the practical requirements of Korean businesses looking to expand in new geographical markets allows us to bridge the business as well as cultural gap between the two counties and find identify points of commonality for their fruitful business presence.