Their leadership and vision has paved the way for our success and their constant guidance in each of our endeavors is the reason for our exemplary consistency.



Living a risk-free life is easy and for someone who could’ve done so 10 years ago for a swanky corner office as an investment banker, Mohit chose to take the road less traveled. It was his decision to start Coinmen that established him as a calculated and successful risk-taker and in his career spanning well over 15 years, Mohit has undertaken practices ranging from audit to tax advisory in his earlier years to successfully developing Coinmen’s corporate finance and capital advisory practice over the last decade. Under his leadership, Coinmen has developed a strong team which specializes in project finance, trade finance, corporate finance, distress asset advisory, and debt syndication. Mohit has further helped various Japanese companies set up in India, in collaboration with Coinmen’s Japan Business Group.

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Nitin Garg


Nitin started off his career in E&Y India and after his stint as a manager in their Tax and Regulatory Services, he stepped up and started Coinmen. His belief in raising one’s personal bar instead of trying to climb the already-crowded ladder has seen him successfully lead the Corporate Tax and International Tax practice from scratch, at Coinmen. In his career of over 15 years as a business advisor, Nitin has helped various Spanish and Chinese companies set up in India. With the invaluable support from his team, Nitin has established the firm’s expertise in corporate tax planning, market entry strategy development, international tax, and transfer pricing.

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Vikrant Suri - Partner - Coinmen Consultants LLP


Vikrant’s career took off during his days at Ernst and Young India, where he served as a Manager in their Tax and Regulatory Services. Following his managerial stint, he founded Coinmen and successfully established the Direct Tax practice at the firm. With a mentality of “playing to win” and a headstrong attitude to tackle problems, Vikrant’s days as a teen boxer surely paid dividends in making him what he is today. Under his leadership, the firm has developed an expertise in corporate tax planning, financial accounting as well as tax litigation strategy and his 15-year career has seen him help companies from countries such as UAE, Korea, and USA to set up their business presence in India.

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Nitish Mittal


With over 20 years of experience in the field of audit, assurance and accounting, Nitish brings a wide range of skills on the table. His goal to consistently innovate as well as provide excellent audit services comes as a byproduct of his work for multinational firms across sectors as well as listed companies. A former Sr. Manager in the assurance practice with E&Y India, who later started his own practice by the name of NAVRATN & Co LLP, the man has seen it all and done it all. His presence gives us the chance to explore territories we haven’t explored before, and he stands at the helm of it as a leader par none.

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Reena Mittal


Reena brings with her a plethora of experience in various fields, with a portfolio amassing over 20 years in the industry. Following her stints with E&Y India as a Sr. Manager in Assurance Services and as a Business/Finance Processes Controller with Bird Group, Reena along with Nitish heads our audit and assurance services division. With extensive experience in business process re-engineering, risk evaluation, working capital management and more, her experience as a professional and her leadership as a visionary has been helping the firm scaling new heights.

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