Indian Healthcare Sector

With a large population requiring a significant focus on its healthcare policies, the Government of India has led by example in energizing the sector with ambitious mandates and promoting private investment for the same.

The healthcare sector has been bolstered with a rejuvenated public policy outlook, home to the world’s largest Government funded healthcare scheme and a focus on private sector investment in developing better hospital and diagnostic infrastructure. 

The Opportunity

The opportunity in the sector comes in all forms and avenues, ranging from bringing in technical expertise in manufacturing and diagnostics to infrastructure-based investment to boost the hospital industry. The healthcare market is primed for new entrants with various new tax exemptions and policy frameworks.

Some of the key statistics for the opportunity in the healthcare sector in India are:

$0.79 billion
Market size of the sector as of 2017
$0 billion
Projected value of the sector by 2020
$0 billion
Projected value of medical devices market by 2022

Leveraging our work and experience in this sector, which ranges from advisory and research to long-term financial structuring, our team with expertise on the healthcare sector have compiled the following documents.

Indian Medical Equipment Sector Overview

Owed to a consumer base of over a billion, and the need of the hour being a robust public healthcare system which provides affordable healthcare to all, it is imperative to start things off from the grassroot level. Addressing the market of medical equipment manufacturing in India, our research paper discusses the sector’s growth over the years, market potential, nuances, challenges, opportunities, and foreign investment scenario. Aided by a strong push on manufacturing via public policy (such as the Make In India campaign), the future surely looks healthy for this sector.



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