Indian Infrastructure Sector

Being the world’s fastest-growing economy and with many large projects in the pipeline, India is attracting global interest from companies looking to do business in this sector.

In order to align the country’s infrastructural capabilities with its phenomenal economic growth, the Government of India has proposed as well as put into motion several projects to build world-class infrastructure amenities. From supporting extensive bilateral trade to facilitating convenience for a large working population, these projects have the potential for global businesses to bring their technical expertise to Indian markets.

The Opportunity

With a vast catalogue of opportunities in projects ranging from highways, railways, airports, and ports; to smart cities, affordable housing, water treatment, and renewable energy India has innumerable offerings in this sector. These opportunities are supported by strong policies that have been implemented for the immediate as well as sustained development of the sector.

The huge potential of the infrastructure sector in India can be captured in 3 key figures as:

$0 billion
Total investment required by 2022
Foreign Direct Investment permitted
$0+ billion
Planned investment in 10 key projects

Providing an insight into the sector as well as a summary of existing opportunities, the following documents are a good starting point for international companies looking to do business in India.

India A Land Of Opportunities

India : A Land Of Opportunities

The Indian infrastructure sector has grown significantly over the past decade and been a focal point of the Government’s agenda of long-term economic development and attracting foreign investment. As a result of this focus, some of the world’s largest projects in highway construction, waterways, and railways are underway in the country. This has created investment opportunities for multi-national companies in various parts of the entire sector. In this paper, we have captured those segments of the Indian infrastructure sector that have future growth potential for investors.

EPC Contract Projects In India

EPC Contract Projects In India

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts in the Indian infrastructure sector are a way of undertaking infrastructure projects by contractors. While these contracts have benefits of their own, there lie certain nuances in them which can lead to challenges for the companies overseeing their execution. These challenges can occur from a tax and financial strategy point of view and can exist from the bidding stage to the completion stage. Our document highlights the key challenges for these projects and discusses how businesses can mitigate them.

Water Infrastructure Sector In India

Water Infrastructure Sector In India

Clean and potable water with an uninterrupted supply chain has been the agenda of the Government for the longest time. And given the challenges of water scarcity in some parts of India and a sporadically organized water distribution system, various opportunities have come to the fore within the water infrastructure space. These opportunities exist in the form of projects, where technological disruption and investment from various players can strengthen the water infra space in India. Use our research paper to identify the right projects and market entry points for your business.



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