Manufacturing Sector In India

On the path to making a global manufacturing hub which harbors quality and promotes native industries, the manufacturing sector of India has been making unparalleled strides in all avenues of the game.

India stands as a classic example of old-meets-new, with legacy industries blending with the emerging ones and envisaging a growth spurt in multiple avenues. The emergence of automation has largely been responsible for a significant push for the manufacturing companies of India as well as the ones bringing their expertise to the country.

The Opportunity

With a growing consumer demand, modern technologies, and a strong public policy mandate via the “Make In India” program, India presents the distinct opportunity as one of the few nations which holistically promotes a sector via the promotion of local industries and facilitation of foreign intervention by helping manufacturing companies set up here.

Few key factors which highlight the opportunity in the manufacturing sector in India are:

$0 Billion
FDI in India’s manufacturing sector from April 2000 – June 2018
Contribution to India’s GDP at current prices
Largest country in manufacturing

Providing an insight into the sector as well as a summary of existing opportunities, the following documents are a good starting point for international companies looking to do business in India.

Indian Manufacturing Sector Profile

The manufacturing industry in India has seen a tremendous public policy push, owed to the Government’s focus on the Make In India initiative to boost domestic manufacturing and making India a global manufacturing economy, be it via promoting local businesses or inviting foreign businesses to set up their manufacturing units here. This push has also been accompanied by a new corporate tax regime and setting up of new manufacturing hubs across the country, which looks to boost the sector going forward. Additionally, a large domestic market elevates the potency of the emerging Indian economy. From our market entry strategy and setting up a company in India to discovering potential business partners, our team of experts will be with you throughout.


Opportunities In The Indian Medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Given the performance of the medical equipment manufacturing industry and India’s position in the top 5 manufacturers in the domain, the said sector surely serves as a ground zero for opportunities in India. These opportunities exist not just from a domestic manufacturing point of view, but also from the aspect of export potential. Thanks to a business-conducive manufacturing scenario, a strong and robust public policy and a revised tax regime to push new market entrants to explore medical electronics, India seems to be making its way to the top of the global pyramid.


Business Opportunities For Auto-component Manufacturing In India

While understanding the market performance is important, it’s only half the job done. The real test is identifying the right set of growth opportunities which exist, identifying the right market entry point and the right domestic partner, if a collaboration or a joint venture is being executed. Our research paper on the said topic helps analyzing the same, whilst also looking at the latest developments in the sector and how foreign direct investment has played a key role in the sector over the pas few years. Explore the market potential of the Indian auto components industry using this paper as a starting guide.



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