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India and Spain have developed highly fruitful business relations over the years, with India being seen as a highly potent market for Spanish investment as well sectoral expertise. To accentuate the momentum, our exclusive Spanish Business desk comes into play to help Spanish companies setting up in India and vice versa.

Why India?

India has been at the forefront of emerging economies, with ambitious targets in various industries and a public policy support to facilitate ease of doing business for foreign investors and business owners. A strong youth population and a growth spurt in new industries makes India a highly competent yet business-friendly destination for Spanish companies to set up a business here.

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Strong bilateral relations
Spain is India’s 7th largest partner in bilateral trade and 12th largest investor in terms of FDI

Spanish presence in India
More than 250 Spanish companies have setup in India, ranging from multi-national corporations to SMEs

Key sectors of interest for Spanish companies
Infrastructure, technology, renewable energy, and civil engineering

Indian states with major Spanish business presence
Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka

India Entry Strategy

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Joint ventures are mostly preferred in the need of a local business partner in India for Spanish companies so that they can understand and adapt to the market better.

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Wholly owned subsidiaries, limited companies, and LLPs are looked up to as options when the foreign company intends to develop a long-term presence or set up a new company in India

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Project offices are preferred when the foreign company is looking to execute a given project in India, and intends to have a smooth exit after the completion of the project

Factors Affecting India Entry

While evaluating the Indian market for business expansion and to better prepare for undertaking operations in the Indian market, below are a few important aspects that should be considered

Corporate Taxes And Compliance In India

Corporate taxes in India have been a major point of consideration for investors, although the scenario has provided much-needed relief in recent times to businesses

Parameters For Ease Of Doing Business

The Government has consistently worked to improve in the ease of doing business rankings, with a catalogue of changes now enabling faster approvals and certifications

Evolving Market And Consumer Dynamics

The youth population with a general inclination towards technology has seen various new sectors evolve and present a potent market opportunity for new entrants

Public Policy And State Policy Support

Companies entering in various sectors now stand to benefit via various new sector-focused public policies as well as local state policies

What Can Coinmen Do To Help

As a multi-disciplinary firm, Coinmen helps companies by helping them incorporate, operate and expand in the Indian landscape. Via our specialties in financial and business advisory, we undertake a holistic approach to bridge cultural and business gaps for continual growth. Our range of services is highlighted below.

Setting Up a Business

Setting up a Business

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Korea business Group : Tax Management

Tax Management

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

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Transfer Pricing

audit & assurance services

Audit and Assurance

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Berta Pujol

Director – Spain Business Desk

Coinmen’s Spain Business Group is being successfully led by Ms. Berta Castells Pujol, who has been working in India since 2013. Berta is an engineer and had worked with a large Spanish construction company prior to joining Coinmen.

Berta believes that with her personal experience of working in India, she acts as a bridge between India and Spanish culture and language to ensure that Spanish companies, looking to invest or trade in India have nothing but smooth sailing in their operational setups.

The group proactively works to help Spanish companies expand their operations and establish their business presence in Indian markets. Leveraging Berta’s distinguished credentials and network in the infrastructure sector, our firm is making significant strides in this sector. Additionally, the team has worked to develop capabilities in the other sectors of electric vehicles, auto-components, and renewable energy.

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