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your mind

Yes, we’re speaking to you. Because yours isn’t an ordinary mind. It looks beyond the
obvious. It looks for the hidden story. And when you join us, that mind will be honed and
nurtured in the Coinmen way to make your strengths into pillars and turn your initiative into

If that sounds good, get in touch.

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CA Intern

Unless you’re very lucky, this is how your startup story will begin. The time you’ll look back on while reminiscing about that single room where it all began. Where the buck will stop at you and your dream will be in your hands. So, what’s the problem. Your money can only last so long and take you so far. The wall is coming. It’s simply a matter of getting as far as you can in the meantime.



Angel investors, venture capitalist, banking channels. These have become commonplace in the startup lexicon. They are where every budding entrepreneur wants to get to. The holy grail that’ll take your venture to the promised land and make you a serious player. It will. But at the cost of control, and TOT on decision making. Not to mention fixed interest flow in the case of debt funding. But, if you want to play with the big boys, this is where you want to be.

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