do we do?

The real question is what do we don’t? While the services we provide are
listed below in neat order, our real expertise lies in cross-functional integration.
So that when you come to us, our perspective is always wholistic.

Isn’t that what you want in your tax and financial advisor?

Audit and
Assurance Services

Auditing isn’t the boogie man that’s coming for you. It is the key to generating new insights that take you further and higher up the chain. It can maximize effectiveness and unleash true potential. Our team of audit and assurance experts know this. That’s why they go the extra mile every day, so that you can take the next big step.

Tax and Regulatory

Tax isn’t just tax. It’s a measure of things to come. In a market that’s everchanging, tax is an invaluable barometer by which to monitor vision and modify plans. Our advisory services can be broken into:

Corporate Tax

Big mindsets lead to big business. At least, that’s what we think. That’s why when it comes to working with corporates,

we look at their needs, aspirations and objective holistically to fulfil their tax needs.

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International Tax

When business interests cross borders, so do tax implications. It’s walking on this delicate tight rope that could mean the difference between breaking new ground and crashing to it.

That’s where our understanding of long term and short term perspectives and the challenges of operating in India comes in.

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Regulatory and Compliance Services

Accountability. A single word that can make or break a business. In a market where a false step which demands a multi-faceted approach to tax regulations, we provide you the space to breathe easy.

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Global Mobility Services


It’s a brave new world just waiting to be explored. And for all explorers coming to Indian shores, their first days can seem daunting not just in terms of culture, but financial understanding.

That’s where we go above and beyond to ensure the only thing they feel, is excitement.

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Lower Withholding Certificate

As every company operating in India knows, tax credits and refunds are a long-drawn-out process that can take months to process. Recognising this potential spanner in the fund flow works, there is provision for lowering the withholding tax certificate.

Provided the enterprise can prove that its effective tax rate is lower than the tax provision. And creating the most conducive atmosphere for this provision is where Coinmen excels.

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Transfer Pricing Services

When the world is your oyster, the pearls come at a price. In the most real world terms, the global nature of conglomerates has brought transfer pricing to the fore. Today, it’s become an identifier of corporate effectiveness and a key to new markets, rather than just a compliance practise. That’s why we at Coinmen look at it’s usage to provide insights and guide future decisions.

Corporate Law Services

The incorporation of a corporation is the first step on a long journey. And like every first step, it sets the tone. Whether that presence is going to be long and fruitful or short and sharp, our secretarial services will get the job done through a cocktail of compliance management, industry insights and operational management.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Every business comes to that point where it needs a believer(s) to make its goals come true. A group of people who will see potential and invest in the vision. Those are the people we help find. At a reasonable rate of return.

Accounting Services

Financial accounting is a mire of trust, ever evolving taxes and competence, or the lack thereof. In such a vital aspect of business, we’ve decided that only complete reliability is what our clients deserve. That and a holistic approach which takes account of internal and external factors. So that’s what we offer.


If you assume that the lifeblood of any business, big or small, is a series of transactions that keeps it ticking, this function becomes very, very important. We think so. That’s why our dedicated team of experts coalesce with our network of assets to provide a the most complete service we can give.

Risk Advisory

It’s a tough world right now. What every business needs, is somebody with the insight to navigate the challenges ahead. And that’s what we virtually guarantee. With experience that’s decades long, our teach of crack advisors will streamline your operations and weed out and nullify risks while you stick to the important stuff. Like making your vision a reality.