it began

In 2010, three friends charging up the pyramid in Corporate India decided that
it was time to dance to a different tune. Emboldened by a brave new vision, they
left their corporate futures behind to start something of their own.

The company they started in those heady days over a decade ago is today a byword for excellence, operates globally and is a thorn in the sides of the international big boys of financial accounting and auditing. That company is Coinmen Consultants LLP.

The Buck

Mohit Aggarwal - Partner at Coinmen Consultants LLP

Mohit Aggarwal

From corporate star to private buccaneer. It takes a lot to get there. And even more to stay at the top.

From corporate star to private buccaneer. It takes a lot to get there. And even more to stay at the top. That’s what Mohit, a banker by trade and a risk taker by instinct brings to the table. Tasked with guiding the corporate finance and capital advisory practice, Mohit’s ability to perceive both risk and reward have seen him bring many an international business to Indian shores.

Nitin Garg - Repositioning India's brand image for foreign investors | Founding Partner at Coinmen Consultants LLP

Nitin Garg

Ernst & Young.
A name that shines on any resume.

So why walk away to make it on your own. Hunger, belief, hope. Take your pick. This navigator of the world of taxation has helped set up the firm’s corporate tax planning, market entry strategy development, international tax, and transfer pricing practises. All the quest to make the impossible, possible.

Vikrant Suri - Partner at Coinmen Consultants LLP

Vikrant Suri

Vikrant has yet to come across a problem he couldn’t tackle.
From Manager in Tax and Regulatory services at Ernst & Young
to setting up the direct tax practise at the firm, there’s almost
nothing he can’t do.

Along this journey, he’s paved the way for our expertise in corporate tax planning, financial accounting and tax litigation strategy.

Nitish Mittal - Audit and Assurance

Nitish Mittal

Nitish was a success, before he was a success. A senior manager at Ernst & Young, he left to start his own audit and accounting company called NAVRATN & CO LLP . 20 years later, his innovation and commitment to excellence have made him the go to for multinational firms across sectors

He brings the ability to explore new sectors as well as a wealth of experience and the calm of leadership.

Partner - Debt Syndication & Structured Finance at Coinmen Consultants

Amit Pandey

With names like ICICI and Edelweiss in his resume, Amit brings expertise in corporate credit and debt syndication to the team.

With over 13 years across a few institutions, he’s managed portfolios the size of Rs. 140Bn without a flinch.