Grow where

the Sun rises

Yes, this is where you should be. Because in a post-boom, post-depression, reenergized and currently WFH world, you need to go where the opportunities are.

But the promised land isn’t just there for the taking. There is red tape to be navigated, policies to be understood and bureaucratic shenanigans to be circumvented.

And that’s why you’re here. Because you need a set of big brains to navigate the big challenges that’ll make you as big as you want to be. And those are the brains we have.

We are a consultancy firm comprising of financial advisors, tax consultants and chartered accountants, specializing in various aspects such as corporate tax planning, financial accounting, company incorporation, corporate finance, transfer pricing, debt syndication and audit practices.

Coinmen was founded in 2010 by three visionary men who currently serve as our Founding Partners. They come from different portfolios of tax and financial advisory but the three of them shared a common goal while starting this company, and was to establish a firm which puts the client’s interest first and helps the client’s business grow.

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