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The Growing Need To Understanding Regulatory Compliance For Businesses

India’s evolving tax system as well as regulatory environment – with regards to the number of regulatory bodies which exist for businesses and their respective compliance, requires businesses to look at accountability from various angles. This accountability can often look challenging to business owners, something which we intend to plan ahead for in order to mitigate it.

This allows business owners to look at their core functions and focus on them instead, and leaving the heavy lifting to us where we undertake regulatory compliance from a strategy, policy, and execution point of view (with astute calendar adherence to ensure no risk of non-compliance).

For any kind of business entering the Indian market (be it a domestic or foreign company), it is important to prioritize regulatory compliance procedures in order to build a system which supports effective resource management and avoids the obvious penalty costs on late filing of taxes and non-adherence to other compliance requirements.

Coinmen’s Regulatory Compliance Service Offerings – At A Glance

The list of regulatory compliance services under our team’s scope of work include:

  • Year-round tax compliance services for companies/entities
  • Undertaking registration procedures with necessary legal/tax authorities for companies/entities in India
  • Compliance review, reporting and benchmarking
  • Evaluation of new regulatory compliance matters and their implementation for specific business models
  • Risk mitigation and risk management
  • Evaluating legal/tax regulatory compliance models for different company formats to develop efficient tax strategies for companies setting up in India
  • Representation before regulators such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Reserve Bank of India, etc. to discuss various matters

Reporting Partners

Nitin Garg

Nitin Garg
Co-Founder and Partner
Experience: 15 years
Specializes in Transfer Pricing
Former Manager, EY India (TRS)
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Vikrant Suri - Partner - Coinmen Consultants LLP

Vikrant Suri
Co-Founder and Partner
Experience: 15 years
Specializes in Direct Tax Matters
Former Manager, EY India (TRS)
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