Expatriate Taxation In India

For all foreign nationals looking for employment in India or multi-national companies planning to deploy their employees to India for new businesses, the information here will serve as a guide to develop a holistic understanding of expatriate taxation in India and how one can avail certain benefits which are provided under specific conditions.

Taxation of Expatriate Employees in India

For a foreign entity setting up presence in India, expatriate employees are often deployed to develop cross-cultural and cross-border relationships. And while India as a country requires no introduction in its cultural diversity, there are also various technical aspects which one needs to consider as an expatriate employee whilst doing business in India. Our video, along with the sixth chapter of the “Doing Business In India” series covers:

  • Understanding tax residency in India, taxable income and expatriate tax rates
  • The different types of taxes to be deposited
  • Social security in India and its implications
  • Employment visa, business visa, project visa, and residential permit
  • List of important documents required of expatriate employees
  • Methods to avoid double taxation

For future reference and easy access to this information, please  | Download Complete Guide To Expatriate taxation in India (PDF) 2021 .

Bridging The Business and Culture Gap For Expatriate Employees In India

The expansive business scenario in India, which has seen new projects and foreign investment take center-stage, also has a vital component which needs to be acknowledged. That component is the presence of foreign nationals and expatriates who represent their respective companies in India; and are designated to reside in India for a known yet significant duration.

While it is undeniably important the company’s perspective to ensure that the taxes of their expatriate employees are in order and planned for, it is also equally important that the expatriates are aware about the experience of living in India (preferably, prior to relocation), the country’s business and economic trends, the domestic workforce and underlying work culture, and of course, about Indian culture.

To help provide relevant information and insight on the same, we at Coinmen have created an online platform called The Brief, which shares all the information you need as a foreign national looking to establish a business presence in India or planning to live here.

Through The Brief, we hope to facilitate not only an ease of doing business in India for foreign companies but also the ease of living in India for expatriate employees.

Get to know all the relevant information you need for your business journey in India!

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