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The Growth Of Global Mobility In Businesses Over The Years

In the recent past, with India becoming a more business-friendly country and with foreign companies looking to expand their footprint in India – this has seen foreign nationals or expatriates from different countries plan their business stay in India. This includes not just short-term stay for project management, but mid-to-long-term planning to develop sustainable business operations over a period of time.

Apart from overseeing project management, the stay of expatriates in a different country – say India in this case, allows them to identify the right stakeholders in a new environment who can further help them with business expansion in a new market.

And when it comes to exploring a new market and its technicalities, it entails the need to understand domestic taxes, double taxation agreements, and personal tax implications which must be borne by the foreign companies sending their expats to India, so that they can plan their cash flows better. And for the expats as well, it’s imperative to not merely obtain the various legal/financial registrations mandatory for expats, but to further involve active tax planning techniques and their subsequent compliance for taxation in India.

Coinmen’s Global Mobility Service Offerings For Expatriate Employees – At A Glance

Replicating our modus operandi, we go beyond our call of duty to help foreign nationals in having a convenient stay in India and help them integrate not just from a business but a cultural and organizational point of view as well, which further helps them understand the Indian market and its respective stakeholders in a better manner.

Coinmen’s key offerings under global mobility services include:

  • Assisting in tax residency determination and helping with the necessary obligations such as obtaining a permanent account number
  • Swift registration with the FRRO for all foreign national employees
  • Assisting with Visa registrations based on purpose of stay, e.g.: Business Visa, Project Visa, etc.
  • Helping foreign nationals with respect to social security obligations in India
  • Expatriate tax preparation based on the salary structure of the expat employees
  • Assistance in obtaining the ITCC (Income Tax Clearance Certificate)
taxation of expatriates in India

To know more about taxation of expatriates in India

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Vikrant Suri
Co-Founder and Partner
Experience: 15 years
Specializes in Direct Tax Matters
Former Manager, EY India (TRS)
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Nitin Garg

Nitin Garg
Co-Founder and Partner
Experience: 15 years
Specializes in Transfer Pricing
Former Manager, EY India (TRS)
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