Going Glocal

Many a foreigner has heard the siren call of Indian shores over the
millennia. The same holds true today.
So, we thought that when the thought strikes you, our friendly
neighbourhood international desk will smoothen the road and show you
the roadblocks to a long and successful run in India.

Local knowhow, global vision. Glocal, the way it should be.


India’s 7th largest bilateral partner and 12th largest investor, there are over 250 Spanish companies with their presence in India. With one of the world’s youngest populations and international business friendly policies, it’s little wonder you’re looking, and you like what you see.



Spain Business Desk

Based out of India since 2013, Berta studied to become an engineer and worked with a large Spanish construction company before coming onboard with Coinmen.


Given the challenges of working in that space, Berta is perfectly equipped to provide insights that will open the right doors and make the right friends.


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Over 400 companies with interests in electronics, construction, automobiles and white goods, and upcoming dedicated industrial zone in Rajasthan and a strong bi-lateral relationship. Little wonder you want a presence in India. Little wonder you’re reading this.


Daniel Lee

Director- Korea Business Desk

Daniel is a wizard at identifying the practical requirements of setting up a Korean business on Indian soil. And with over 20 years in sectors ranging from electronic components to infrastructure, why wouldn’t he be.


Add to that his deep understanding of both cultures and no gap is unbridgeable with Daniel there.


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With ties that go back to the birth of the Indian nation, France helped build modern India. In the now, bilateral trade between the two countries is at an all time high with 500 members in IFCCI, over a thousand French businesses operating in India in sectors ranging from aerospace to automobiles. So, where will you open?



France Business Desk

With over 18 years of working for multinational advisory firms for French businesses in India, Gujjan has turned many a “no” into a “yes”. Her fluency with the language is matched only by her enthusiasm for the culture.

To this end, she considers herself a living, breathing emblem of Franco-Indian relations. And you will too!

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