Coinmen + ASSAR: A Collaboration To Facilitate Ease Of Doing Business In India

With the single objective of helping companies do business in India and to improve the ease of doing business in the country, we’ve continually taken various steps to achieve the same, be it as individuals, via the Partners of the firm or as a collective.

The fact that there will always be things that industry experts know better than us, owed to their expertise in sectors that they’re a part of (much like everywhere) will always carry a propensity of us knowing and getting access to limited information about certain concepts and matters on the merit of our own resources. That to us, poses a challenge but in other ways provides an opportunity to find ways to bridge the gap and overcome the challenge.

As modern methodologies for doing business continue to crop up on almost a daily basis, it is only imperative that we stay updated and incorporate these methodologies into our ecosystem for better outputs. This not only increases our strength as a company which provides a specific set of services, but it allows us to usher ourselves as people who know and understand how businesses work, especially the ones other than our own.

To help understand the same and to gain more insight into pan-Indian sectors which yield potential opportunities for growth, we joined hands with ASSAR (Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms) and entered into a formal partnership with them. ASSAR, the official facilitator for the Ease of Doing Business initiative in India, will serve as our knowledge partner as we shall mutually share our expert insight, industry knowledge, and growth plans for foreign as well as local companies who look to do business in India.

Here’s a picture from the official signing of the partnership agreement :

Coinmen + ASSAR: A Collaboration To Facilitate Ease Of Doing Business In India
Coinmen + ASSAR: A Collaboration To Facilitate Ease Of Doing Business In India

Speaking about the partnership, Country Director at ASSAR, Mr. Abhijeet Sinha said, “Partnership with Coinmen to promote Ease of Doing Business in India with Advance Services for Social and Administrative Reforms (ASSAR) initiatives shall attract many business stakeholders of Spain, Korea, Japan and China. To build bilateral business opportunities, EODB has focused on economy sectors in 2018 and currently focusing on 30 emerging technologies like AI, IOT, Block Chain, Big Data, E-Mobility, Cloud Computing, Drones, 3D Printing, Robotics, Automation, Machine Learning, Geo Spatial, etc.”

With this partnership, not only has our goal to better ourselves been consciously realized but also the dream that we envisage has begun to take steps towards fruition.

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