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The Indian demand for excellence has caught up with the automotive sector and especially with its component initiatives. With huge market capacity and an unending need for excellence tied into the consumer’s idea of success, this sector is going nowhere but up.



Electric Vehicle

With the world going green, India finds itself down the same road. Literally. With FAME-I and FAME – II policies coming into effect, charging infrastructure, assembly and development of efficient battery technology are about to get a shot in the arm.



Food Processing

From ready to eat meals to organic farming, the last decade has established a bold new frontier for the manufacturing and processing of food in India. With exports on the rise and a strong urban demographic, key investments and strategic intervention can turn a new boy into a household name.




With over 1.3 billion people, India is home to the world’s largest government funded healthcare scheme. With the current emphasis on healthcare solutions, opportunities in this sector range from diagnostics to infrastructure.




Highways, railways, airports and ports, smart cities, affordable housing, water treatment, and renewable energy. Just some of the sectors in which infrastructure will be built in. With policies in place to encourage investment, hardly any sector is this exciting.




In a time of outsourced manufacturing, “Make in India” has served as a battle cry to rejuvenate and build of a great manufacturing legacy. With manufacturing emphasising automation and one of the largest captive markets in the world, the grass is green on this side.



Renewable Energy

There is an end date to the resources on this planet. Which means that the need for renewable sources of energy has taken paramount importance. India’s dedicated focus on solar power is starting to broaden, which means a plethora of opportunities for renewable energy players.



White Papers

We felt that there should be a compendium of all we’ve learned and continue to learn. A place where we can put to paper (virtually) our understanding, observations, and predictions for the times to come. This is that compendium. Welcome.


There are a lot of us. And most of us have spent a very long time doing what we do. And like most articulate, intelligent people we have opinions on what has happened, what is happening and even what will happen. This is where we share them.

General News

What’s up? What’s happening? This ever-changing landscape that is the Indian economy has so much going on, that you might have missed something. We didn’t. So now, neither will you.