Setting Up A Business In India

Covering all major aspects of the company incorporation procedure in 2020, the information here will provide you with the basic knowledge on how to start a business in India and serve as a guide to help you create an entry strategy for the Indian market.

Setting Up A Company’s Presence In India

The first step to entering the Indian market is to identify the right company format for incorporation. Each of these company formats have their own nuances, guidelines of operations, statutory compliance matters, and taxation criteria. For more information, watch our video about setting up a business in India and download the first chapter of our “Doing Business In India” document, where the chapter covers the following:

  • Registering and setting up a project office in India
  • Setting up a branch office or liaison office
  • Establishing and registering a wholly owned subsidiary and joint venture
  • Establishing and registering a limited liability partnership
  • Applicable taxes on all types of registered companies

For future reference and easy access to this information, please  | Download the PDF.

Industry Insights That Help When Setting Up A Business In India

Setting up a business in India often also requires relevant information and insight about how the country’s industrial landscape is, how the key sectors are performing, and what are the major industry trends to watch out for.

To help you on your journey of doing business in India and ensuring that you have valuable and unique industry insights before setting up shop, we at Coinmen have developed an online platform called The Brief, which serves as an all-encompassing information provider on India’s business and investment landscape.

On The Brief, we discuss everything which is bound to influence a business entity looking to set up a business or invest in India; ranging from industry trends, insights, sectoral performance, public policies, legal and regulatory frameworks, and more.

Get to know all the relevant information you need for your business journey in India!

The Brief