Electric Vehicles Sector In India

With the emergence of electric vehicles giving rise to a gradual cultural shift, India presents a highly potent opportunity in this sector for investment, technology, and services.

To facilitate the nation-wide adoption of electric vehicles for combating pollution and global warming, the Government of India has dedicated its resources to bring about changes in public policies and their framework. With FAME-I and FAME-II policies at the helm of this movement, the interest and foreign investment in the Indian EV market from the international community shows no signs of slowing down.

The Opportunity

With opportunities in developing charging infrastructure, undertaking manufacturing and assembly of electric vehicles, developing efficient battery technology and facilitating last mile delivery via 2-wheeler and 3-wheelers, the electric vehicles sector in India has various avenues which present tremendous market potential.

The opportunity in the sector can be highlighted via 3 key factors which are:

Proposed Charging Stations
0.7 GwH
Storage Market by 2022
$0 Billion
Market by 2030

Providing an insight into the sector as well as a summary of existing opportunities, the following documents are a good starting point for international companies looking to do business in India.


Market Overview And Opportunities In India’s Electric Vehicles Sector

India’s electric vehicles market has evolved from a pipe dream to a nascent industry across various segments, be it via developing state-of-the-art charging infrastructure or disrupting the mobility market in 2, 3, 4, and heavy vehicles segment. Given the ambitious targets of the Government and a tax-friendly business environment, the EV sector in India is here to stay. And via this document, we’ve addressed the EV industry’s growth over the years, its current scenario, and future opportunities which it holds for new market entrants, whilst also looking at the how a working public policy and state incentives are impacting the sector.


Indian EV Sector : Incentives And Concessions In 2020

While the Central Government introduced FAME II, it was imperative for state governments to chime in with their support as well. And as it stands, some Indian states did take the initiative of introducing subsidies and incentives for EV market entrants as well as the consumers. The step was taken to not only boost the local manufacturing, but also to attract foreign players to India and help them in identifying designated EV hubs to set up their manufacturing units. Via this research document, we take a look at these sectors and the kind of concessions as well as incentives they’re currently providing to EV players and the sector’s end-users.


Electric Two Wheelers Sector: Exploring Market Opportunities In India

The electric 2-wheeler market in India has been the most popular segment in the EV industry in terms of mainstream adoption across the country. Given the affordability of the segment and the high percentage of urban consumers as well as tier-2 market potential, the 2-wheeler industry has disrupted various markets, be it for personal use, joy rides, or last-mile transportation. Given the Government’s push on bringing e-mobility in India on a macro scale, it’s inevitable that plenty of market entry opportunities arise. And therefore, it’s important to identify them, along with their challenges as well as how the sector’s current performance bodes well for new market entrants.


Electric Three Wheelers Sector: Exploring Market Opportunities In India

The electric 3-wheeler segment picked up pace in the last few years, especially given the public policy push on EV and the market’s adoption of 3-wheeler EVs in logistics, last-mile delivery, transportation, and more. Looking at what the current market scenario is in terms of production and sales, how the domestic manufacturing scenario holds, what the challenges are, and the kind of investment the sector has attracted in the past few years, our research effort takes a holistic look at the EV 3-wheeler segment and the kind of market opportunities it holds for market entrants.


Electric Four Wheelers Sector: Exploring Market Opportunities In India

While the electric 4-wheelers segment in the electric vehicles sector has had its fair share of skepticism in the past, it has surely been a sector that holds tremendous market potential over the future. Given the government’s agenda to electrify a significant percentage of vehicles by 2030, the EV 4-wheeler sector has invited significant investment and foreign interest not just in terms of product offerings but also setting up manufacturing capacities. Via this paper, we aim to look at how the Indian market looks for new market entrants in this segment and what are the practical challenges which will require focus and addressal.


Heavy Electric Vehicles Market In India : Exploring Market Opportunities In India

An electrified public transport system is surely a long-term goal, but it has been realized at its nascent stage by various state governments in India. Given the push on electric buses to be involved in local transportation or the plans for deploying electric trucks for logistics, there is a lot which can be explored from an investment and technological disruption point of view by companies, both foreign and domestic. Owed to the kind of sales which commercial heavy vehicles have generated, bringing in their electric variants is surely something which can open the floodgates to tremendous growth opportunities while also making it important to address the practical challenges which can occur in the segment going forward.


EV Charging Infrastructure : Exploring Market Opportunities In India

Given the ambitious goals to set up a charging infrastructure across all the states in India, the EV charging market has seen disruption from various players, both domestic and foreign. With various projects leading the way, this has led to opportunities in the domestic manufacturing market as well, paving the path for new entrants as well as enabling the old players to develop new offerings. Via this paper, we aim to highlight the nuances of the market, its challenges, and the kinds of opportunity it holds in terms of investment, technological advancement, and collaborations between businesses to cater to the Indian market.



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