Renewable Energy In India

As the need to go green becomes paramount due to a global shift from traditional to utilitarian regimes, renewable energy leads from the front as the key to a sustainable future.

A rejuvenated outlook on renewable sources of energy with dedicated focus on solar power, India has come a long way in terms of private investment and public policy focus to promote, inculcate and institutionalize renewable sources of energy across the country.

The Opportunity

With a growing urban and rural population, quintessential means of energy have proven to be detrimental in the long run with prolonged usage. The growing need of renewable energy indicates tremendous market potential for new entrants in India from an investment as well as technological aspect.

Here are some statistics highlighting the market opportunity in the same:

Renewable energy production share across all sectors
Largest installed renewable energy capacity in the world
$0 billion
Invested in renewable energy in India since 2014

Providing an insight into the sector as well as a summary of existing opportunities, the following document is a good starting point for international companies looking to do business in India.

Solar Investment Opportunities In India

Solar Investment Opportunities In India

The Indian solar energy sector has gone through an arduous journey to be brought into the mainstream and still continues to face challenges in its nation-wide adoption. However, that hasn’t stopped players in the solar sector from realizing the potential of the Indian economy and its diverse consumer base, which hosts tremendous opportunities for new market entrants. Powered by large-scale projects and a consistently evolving public policy framework, there exist plenty of investment and disruption opportunities for market players, be it domestic or foreign. This report by the National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) assess the Indian solar market’s growth over the years and its future potential.



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