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An Overview Of Our Corporate Finance Services

As part of our aim to provide you with effective business insight and strategic advantage to not just stay updated but to stay ahead of your business contemporaries, we undertake specialized services in terms of corporate finance to help you and add value to your business.

This is achieved by the cohesive involvement of our founding partners as well as the presence and a dedicated team for corporate finance consulting/advisory.

The functions undertaken by our corporate finance services team are spread across an extensive range, where we assist our clients in their processes for debt syndication, project finance, corporate finance as well as profound and holistic advisory on distress asset transactions and credit rating improvement.


About Our Team And Value Proposition

Our strong network of lenders, borrowers and an excellent credit record throughout our experience has helped us to create a niche for ourselves in the market as one of the boutique corporate finance advisory firms in India. Our team’s financial advisors come from various backgrounds, ranging from investment banking to corporate finance and audit services, thus providing a 360-degree approach to help you with business strategy formulation, its funding and the necessary compliance procedures for the same.

Our belief to be your partner-in-growth is implemented through our approach that focuses on financially prudent structuring, that ensures credit quality and due diligence are given utmost importance. We believe in not just collating funds, but helping you make the most of them with proper investment strategies for maximizing business growth. As part of our debt syndication services, we undertake thorough analyses and multiple screenings for fundraising and distress asset advisory.


List Of Functions And Exploring Coinmen Capital Advisors

The functions undertaken by our Corporate Finance Services team include:

  • Debt syndication advisory and assistance in execution for working capital and term loans
  • Advisory and assistance in execution for project finance as well as structured finance (domestic and overseas transactions)
  • Project, trade, structured and working capital finance from Indian banks and financial institutions
  • International financing including bonds, project loans, trade finance and structured finance
  • Assistance with debt structuring
  • Credit rating advisory
  • India-specific capital market transactions including equity, non-convertible debentures, commercial paper issuance
  • Assistance with private equity and venture capital financing, and other similar equity and mezzanine financing support


All our Corporate Finance Advisory work is undertaken by our sister-concern Coinmen Capital Advisors LLP

Reporting Partner


Mohit Aggarwal
Co-Founder and Partner
Experience: 15 years
Specializes in Capital Advisory,
Corporate Finance & Project Finance
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